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Streaming Media

PUBLIC VOICE Lab offers a complete solution for online streaming media.

With our archiving, recording and streaming suite, PUBLIC VOICE Lab can offer a complete solution for radio stations and companies to provide streaming media services on demand.


Based on the successful EU Project StreamOnTheFly, we offer a full suite of recording, archiving and publication tools for any kind of audio content.


A working concept installation can be seen at the Technical Museum Vienna in their permanent exhibition medien.welten. Features of the streaming media suite are:

  • Fully automated recording of broadcasts.
  • Open xml metadata file format for import from other applications.
  • Easy metadata entry.
  • Complex search options.
  • Storable searches.
  • Searches and playlists distributable through RSS.
  • Interface template based, fully brandable.
  • Easily adaptable portal engine.
  • Station management with recording support and automatic broadcast control.

    Through the easily accessible web-interface this suite is not only intended for radio stations but also for inhouse radios, corporate radio (including corporate training audio) and retail shop radio distribution.


    radio.medien.welten Screenshot Übersicht (High resolution below; as zip)

    radio.medien.welten Screenshot Detail (High resolution below; as zip)

    Broadcast on Ö1 about radio.medien.welten - MP3 file [ca. 4251.2 kB]
    download or play

    Broadcast on Ö1 about radio.medien.welten - MP3 stream [ca. 0.0 kB]
    download or play

    radio.medien.welten Screenshot Übersicht - High resolution [ca. 254.9 kB]
    download file

    radio.medien.welten Screenshot Detail - High resolution [ca. 183.7 kB]
    download file

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    Radio medien.welten
    StreamOnTheFly - node software package
    StreamOnTheFly - portal software package
    StreamOnTheFly - station software package
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