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User & Account Management with Self-ADMin

Manage multiple services for hundreds of users with Self-ADMin

With Self-ADMin (or SADM), you can easily manage tons of e-mail accounts, mailing lists, FTP accounts, web servers and have full access to user group management, all over a web interface and without the need for system user accounts.


All Internet Sevice Provider (ISP) services are tied together in a central database and are administered through a common web-interface.


Here is an overview of the most prominent adavantages of Self-ADMin:

  • Manage services for hundreds of users
  • Limit necessary shell accounts
  • One location for all management data
  • Single username/password combo through multiple services and servers


    Speaking more about the technical side of Self-ADMin, the following list illustrates the services that are being managed:

  • sendmail - using Bluelabs Patch
  • proftpd - with postgresql Plug-in
  • tinydns - script to generate zone files
  • apache - script to generate httpd.conf
  • courier imap - with sasl script
  • mailman - lists are created through sadm interface and configured with mailman - all aliases are handled automatically
  • publicVOICEXML - direct db connection
  • HylaFax - script to generate configuration