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New methods of giving citizens means to express their opinion will strengthen democracy in communities. Using "Forum Digital" will ease and aid the flow of communication between public administrations, politicians and citizens, embracing the ideas of the citizens as the basis of decisions.

January 28, 2002

In order to have a constructive discussion process a new kind of moderation with volunteers was installed. During the testing period which lasted five weeks more than 55 issues were raised and more than 170 commentaries were given. The topics spanned a wide range from traffic lights to immigration policy.

From the technical point of view Open Source Software is being used. This matches well with the democratic idea of the whole project and makes it easy to adjust features. It is PUBLIC VOICE Labs' explicit aim to launch similar projects in co-operation with Austrian, German, and other European cities and communities. PUBLIC VOICE Lab is focusing on ways to develop its profile and technology within the E-Democracy community and become an active participant in the planning of the IST's Sixth Framework Programme.

Thomas Fundneider