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25 NOV, 2002

For your convenience, we have put online detailled instructions how to use PUBLIC VOICE Lab's spam filter for your e-mail account hosted with us.

24 NOV, 2002

Five radio stations use the InterviewBox for transferring interviews made at the national elections in Austria. The application has been built using publicVoiceXML. Have a look at the InterviewBox work desk and listen to the interviews here (use account guest/guest).

4-6 NOV, 2002

In co-operation with TEAM TEICHENBERG and EUTIST-AMI we produce the IST radio at the big FP6-IST event in Copenhagen. Tune in to the live stream via or download the poster or meet us at stand S11! At the show, we will also run a live demo of publicVoiceXML's recording box to be used for radio stations.

14-18 OCT, 2002

PVL's Technical Director Thomas Hassan and Rolf Thiele, our Sales Manager for Germany are presenting StreamOnTheFly and [dyne:bolic] at the SYSTEMS-WORLD fair in Munich, hall B1, booth 100-113.

27 SEPT, 2002

PUBLIC VOICE Lab and TEAM TEICHENBERG are submitting proposals for wiennovation: WORT24 (a portal for exchanging audio taped literature, features, etc) and funky bird (a do-it-yourself box for wireless Internet provision).

24 SEPT, 2002

publicVoiceXML has been presented by Thomas Hassan at the Opening Event of the W3C office in Budapest. Read the press release here.

16-20 SEPT, 2002

[dyne:bolic] is being presented and live streams are being set up at NEXT5MINUTES in Amsterdam by Jaromil.

14 SEPT, 2002

The Senior Online Market Validation has ended with a number of opportunities to start the deployment phase. A new web site has been launched in order to contact clearly financial and strategic partners to carry on our activities with this target group.

13-15 SEPT, 2002

We have pressed 2000 [dyne:bolic] CDs which are being offered at the opening event of quartier21 in co-operation with quintessenz. And don't miss the real story about quartier21 here.

10 SEPT, 2002

Thomas Hassan presented our achievements with the StreamOnTheFly project at the EUTIST-AMI cluster review in Bologna (presentation slides are here).

8-9 SEPT, 2002

We have been giving each day a beginner's and an advanced streaming workshop presenting [dyne:bolic], MUSE, Tamburine and StreamOnTheFly at servus, just simultaneously to the Ars Electronica event in Linz.

4-23 AUG, 2002

FARAH - in search for joy. PUBLIC VOICE Lab supports Jaromil's art project: a journey to Palestina with a diary, text, image and sound snapshots from children and elderly people, living in a territory in permanent occupation and without peace.

26 JULY, 2002

[dyne:bolic] 0.5 out now! A self-bootable CD, doesn't touch your harddisk, featuring streaming applications. Ideal for making your first steps with GNU/Linux. Download now!

20 JULY, 2002

Our consultant Richard Wheeler has left the Lab very suddenly. As the market validation project Senior Online TEN TELECOM is close to an end (Sept. 2002) and investment decisions have to be made, this will be managed by Roland Alton-Scheidl. The project StreamOnTheFly will be managed by Thomas Hassan, as he was already responsible for the technical co-ordination in that project.

11 JULY, 2002

Keynote presentation at I-KNOW '02 - 2nd International Conference on Knowledge Management. Right, Wrong, and Absurd: Ten Years in Knowledge Management.

8-12 JULY, 2002

Technology and the Public.This is the motto of the International Summer Academy on Technology Studies in Deutschlandsberg, Styria, where we will be presenting on 12th July experiences with supporting planning processes using [forum:digital].

28-30 JUNE, 2002

Linux - Wochen - PUBLIC VOICE Lab sponsors the major Austrian Linux event in Museumsquartier. We will give a streaming workshop and will present our research activities at a business brunch on Sunday 30th June at 11:00. Bring your family! The ZOOM kids-museum is just around the corner of the meeting venue.

17 JUNE, 2002

Artificial Intelligence: PUBLIC VOICE Lab strengthens it's investment in knowledge management and cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Richard Wheeler will deliver an invited lecture on artificial immune systems and immunological computation at the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Saarbrücken site, on June 17th.

15 JUNE, 2002

FREE REPUBLIC - PUBLIC VOICE Lab's tech team will rotate the turntables on a truck moving from Schwedenplatz at 14:00 to Heldenplatz at 19:00.

7 JUNE, 2002

See the Future! PUBLIC VOICE Lab submits eight expressions of interest to the European Union's 6th Framework call for EoIs forming a roadmap for future technology research.

5 JUNE, 2002

GO OPEN SOURCE! Meet us at the Linux@Work Day in Brussels, Belgium on June 5, 2002 where Richard Wheeler will give an invited lecture on the future of open source technology, and demonstrate the beta version of the StreamOnTheFly media software. Watch this space for information on catching the live audio stream from the event!

27-29 MAY 2002

Meet our staff! Keynote address in the workshop "Modernising the Council Office and It's Relations With Citizens" at the EU-sponsored European Information Society Conference - EISCO 2002 in Cagliari, Sardinia May 27-29. See you there!

16 MAY 2002

DIGITAL EMPOWERMENT Event in Vienna. PUBLIC VOICE Lab organises a DIGITAL EMPOWERMENT event on May 16th, co-located at the Vienna City Administration. Among others, Christoph Dowe will talk about benchmarking municipal web services at Politik Digital. In the evening, we have a strategy talk for a Central European e-Democracy Network of Excellence, at PUBLIC VOICE Lab's premises. Program details. Press Coverage. Presentations online.

7-10 MAY 2002

Meet us in San Jose, CaliforniaWe will be presenting the concept and ideas of PublicVoiceXML at the VoiceXML Forum user meeting and the AVIOS Speech Technology conference.

2 MAY 2002

EuroNews WebCast focusing on EDEN and electronic democracy tools developed by PUBLIC VOICE Lab, OMEGA Generation, Italy, and the EDEN Consortium.

30 APR 2002

Telecities and PUBLIC VOICE Lab co-sponsor a sixth framework planning meeting at the Telecities "eCitizenship for All" Conference.

14-15 APR 2002

Reduce planning risks, save on the PR budget! Eurocities Conference in Vienna: we present to mayors and city planners the Electronic Democracy European Network with best practice results of [forum:digital].

11-12 APR 2002

Meet our staff! As part of PVL's on-going developmental efforts in eGovernment, we will be attending the 3rd Worldwide Forum On eDemocracy (11-12 April 2002 in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France). PVL will be presenting the EDEN Project and providing information on PVL's eDemocracy toolkit, [forum:digital]. See you there!

25 MAR 2002

PUBLIC VOICE Lab provided a workshop on e-Democracy at the Conference on Local and Regional Information Society ISSS 2002 in Hradec Kralove.

16 MAR 2002

PUBLIC VOICE Lab is expanding. We are looking for more people in our offices in Salzburg and Vienna.

14 MAR 2002

Keep up with research issues at PVL - join the Research Mailing List!

13-20 MAR 2002

StreamOnTheFly's streaming encoder MuSe is presented at CeBIT in hall 11.

07 FEB 2002

EUREKA project E!2626 "Bridges for Personalisation" reached status "Endorsed". PUBLIC VOICE Lab will co-ordinate this project on audio segmenting software.