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Thomas Fundneider

Thomas Fundneider is PUBLIC VOICE Lab's executive manager. He is the one to be contacted if you are interested in establishing business with PUBLIC VOICE Lab or developing fancy community tools.

Board of Directors - Executive Manager

Date of birth: October 20, 1972 in Salzburg, Austria

Place of residence: Vienna

Graduate Engineer in Landscape Planning, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna

Operational Waste Manager, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration

Thomas just recently joined PUBLIC VOICE LabĀ“s Board of Directors (September 2003). At PUBLIC VOICE Lab, he startet as a business development manager at the beginning of 2003. Before that time, he was responisble for the management and controlling of projects in the field of urban and strategic planning.

Beside that, he has been invited at various international conferences and symposions speaking about the interrelations of urban planning and cultural heritage. Further, he was in the organizing team of two main conferences, namely CULTH2 (Cultural Heritage), held in Vienna and CORPGEOMULTIMEDIA, the biggest symposion on urban planning and the use of ICT in Europe.

For more information about Thomas, look at either his CV, his publications, or his presentations.


Portrait Thomas Fundneider