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Juergen Schmidt

Juergen Schmidt, Softwaredevelopment & Interfacedesign

Juergen joined PVL in summer 2003.

He finished TGM/Vienna in 1994. since 1992 juergen is working on databasedesign and softwaredevelopment. On a search for creative and technical complex chalenges, and the idea of connecting politics, art and technologies he was involved in creating sustainable networks for emancipated politics in europe and latinamerica.

"Some say our identities are liberated through communication technology. Others feel the need to reclaim their bodies from the machines. Let�s talk about cyborgs, gender, human interfaces, sexuality in the world of cyberspace.

People move across physical and virtual borders. People push the electronic frontiers through digital and physical communication. States and multinationals are enforcing control of both flows. Information technology is part of the freefloating culture of resistance and a tool to develop a society of seamless control."

Birth: 1970-03-22 // .at

no academic titles available ;)


Portrait Juergen Schmidt